FIABCI Congress is a place for making global economic decisions

The International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) is a global community founded in 1948 and uniting real estate professionals from almost all continents. As a non-profit organization, FIABCI is a member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, where it is recognized as an authorized representative of the private sector in real estate matters.

The FIABCI WORLD CONGRESS was first held in the year of its foundation.
It immediately attracted the attention of the most progressive-minded real estate developers, urban planners, lawyers, bankers, insurers, top-level business entrepreneurs, and officials.
As one of the largest events in the world real estate market, the Congress has become a place of meeting for like-minded people: it is an elite club, where they negotiate without intermediaries and sign agreements on long-term investments.

Today, the FIABCI Congress is an integral part of the international economic policy.
Specialists define global trends in territorial development, form industry-specific requirements for state asset management, and discuss advanced construction technologies here.
Participants and delegates share their experience of practical implementation of business ideas and discuss possibilities of scaling the most successful digital economy practices into the real estate sector.
Each idea proposed in such a favorable environment gets the effect of economic synergy:
the potential of colleagues from all over the world helps the participants to implement their ideas.

The upcoming jubilee 70th FIABCI World Real Estate Congress will be special for Russia.
It is our country that was given the honor to host important guests:
3000 delegates from over 60 countries will visit Moscow on May 27-31, 2019.

The Moscow World Trade Center, the venue chosen for such a significant event, will become a hub of innovations, insights, and technological discoveries during the Congress.
The atmosphere of progressive thinking will be supported by the key theme of the Congress:
“Digital Economy as the Basis for Blockchain Technologies in the Real Estate Sector”.

Speakers and representatives of leading international and domestic companies will communicate in the format of industry-specific round tables and conferences under the umbrella of leading real estate associations:
National Association of Builders (NOSTROY), Russian Union of Builders (RSS), National Association of Surveyors and Designers (NOPRIZ), Russian Society of Appraisers (RSA), National Cadastral Chamber, etc.
Holding the 70th World Real Estate Congress in Moscow underlines the important role of Russia in the international community and the responsiveness of its management to global trends, as well as the significance of our country’s current and potential contribution to the development of the global real estate market.

The practical results to be achieved in the framework of the Congress like defining the vectors of territorial development based on the digital economy, assimilation of experience of other countries, and elaboration of the provisions under the UN-HABITAT programs until 2030 will make it possible to consider the Congress fundamentally important for the construction sector of the country as well as for the whole planet.
This is why holding the event at the proper level depends so much on the support of the Government of Russia and the Presidential Administration.